A shrink fitting facility in Newcastle

Shrink fitting for all applications in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley

A safe and proven method

The traditional way of fitting one component into another is to use either a force fit method or to use heat to expand the outer component. These methods have their own disadvantages - the former being mechanical damage and the latter damage due to unsuitable heating procedures.

Rather than using these traditional methods, shrink fitting through the use of liquid nitrogen can be used as an alternative. Shrink fitting is widely used throughout the mining, industrial, engineering and earthmoving sectors. For applications using this method, the inner component is immersed in a liquid nitrogen bath at -196°C.

Shrink fitting is one of the safest methods of assembly, as liquid nitrogen is inert. All that is required is adequate ventilation in a workshop situation, such as that at Cryofreeze Pty Ltd in Newcastle. Also worth noting is that the components will suffer no damage, since liquid nitrogen has no permanent effect on ferrous or non-ferrous metals. In some instances, Cryofreeze will carry out shrink release, which will shrink the component back out again.