Liquid nitrogen supplies for Newcastle and surrounding areas

Newcastle's Cryofreeze Pty Ltd supplies liquid nitrogen to the mining and industrial sectors in the form of shrink fitting, as well as to plumbers and the plumbing sectors for pipe freezing. However, liquid nitrogen is also supplied by our team throughout the medical and surgical sectors covering the Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley, Central and North Coast areas. Our supplies reach customers such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Veterinarians
  • Medical practices
  • IVF & skin cancer centres
  • Science labs

Liquid nitrogen is filled onsite into FLs, liquid nitrogen tanks or dewars whom in turn use this liquid nitrogen in its frozen state for such purposes as:

  • Removing skin cancers and warts
  • Medical procedures
  • Storage of semen & eggs
  • Stem cells
  • Medical research
  • And much more!

We supply and sell liquid nitrogen to all industries in Newcastle & the entire Hunter Valley region.

For a regular supply or a once-off purchase, please contact our team.

liquid nitrogen filled dewers in Newcastle