Pipe freezing using liquid nitrogen in Newcastle & The Hunter Valley

Pipe freezing is a method mainly used by plumbers and the plumbing industry. It is a means of isolating a section of a pipeworks system by freezing the flow of the contents within that section, forming an ice plug. Newcastle's Cryofreeze Pty Ltd offer specialised services in this area.

Whilst the content of the pipe is frozen the necessary repairs, modifications and/or maintenance is carried out with a minimum of fuss making it an extremely effective cost and labour saving method to use.

The cooling medium used by Newcastle's Cryofreeze Pty Ltd in the pipe freezing application is liquid nitrogen, with a boiling point of -196°C. Alternative medias have a temperature limitation of -60 to -80°C, so consequently their effectiveness becomes inefficient when compared with the use of liquid nitrogen.

For safe and effective pipe freezing in the Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley, Central & North Coast areas, contact the team at Cryofreeze Pty Ltd today.

A pipe freezing facility in Newcastle